(Updated May 22nd 2021)

Want To Mine HNT And Earn Income Referring People 
To iHub Global?


PLEASE READ these frequently asked questions PRIOR to joining! 
If you agree please click the blue button to join FREE Below!
- Tom

PLEASE READ these frequently asked questions PRIOR to joining! If you agree please click the blue button below to register your FREE account! 
-Brad In Iowa :)

  • If I get a miner what will it earn?: You keep 50% of whatever your miner earns.  There's no way to tell for sure how many HNT token it will mine.  The more population and the more other miners your are in proximity of typically the more you'll mine.
  • ​What do I get in return for giving away 50% of my machine's tokens each month?: You get to earn overrides from machines of the people you refer to iHub Global.  Obviously getting paid from many miner's machines you refer is WAY better than earning 100% of your own machine.  
  • Can I earn income from other people's machines?: YES!  iHub Global is an affiliate marketing company.  Anyone you refer to iHub global you'll earn up to 25% of whatever their machine produces on top of what you machine produces!  This is earning people WAY MORE income than getting 100% of one machine. 
  • How much does 1 miner cost?: $500
  • ​How expensive is the miner to run each month?: It costs a few dollars at most per month to run, very cheap.
  • ​Can I buy more than one miner?: Yes... BUT you cannot have them all in one place.  You need to have them about a half mile away from each other.  They are NOT like Bitcoin miners where you can have them all in one location.  
  • Will this work in Canada?: Yes!

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There is no guarantee of making any income.  This is not financial advice.  Please invest at your own risk.  Please do not invest any money you can afford to lose.